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This web site can help you to find information about the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership. It has been designed as a single source of information for people looking to find out about the partnership, what it does, who is part of it, and the services which it will bring to the people of Dundee. It is also a source of up-to-date news and information relating to the ongoing projects and activities being carried out by the partnership.

How to use this site

There are a number of sections where you can find information:

  • What We Do: This page explains what the partnership is, and what it does. It also outlines the reasons why the Health and Social Care Partnership was established. There is a video which illustrates the vision of the partnership.
  • Projects:  This page highlights some of the projects and initiatives that the Health and Social Care Partnership is involved in.
  • Who We Are: This page describes the partnership and its members, and how it is organised. It provides details of the leadership, the Integration Joint Board and its members.
  • Service Information: Information about the broad range of health, social care, and support services will be provided on this page. The services provided by the partnership will expand as the partnership develops. This will be reflected in the service information page.
  • Publications: All information relating to services, activities, and how the partnership is performing will be made available here. This page will also include publications relating to the activities of the Integration Joint Board, including minutes of meetings.
  • Let’s Talk: This page explains the ways that the Partnership sets out to engage with people in Dundee. Information about surveys, projects, events, and meetings. This page is also where you have the opportunity to tell us about your experiences of the partnership, make any suggestions you have, or make a complaint.
  • Contact Us: The main contact details for the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership can be found here.


The Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership web site has been designed with accessibility in mind. In this regard, the site benefits from the following features:

  • Increase the size of the text
  • Change to a style of writing which is designed to help people with Dyslexia
  • High contrast mode
  • Translation services which works on most of the site content

Site Map

Links to all of the pages of this web site can be found on this page